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Are you a key financial decision-maker in your company?

Oxera is conducting a study for the European Commission on the design and functioning of the primary and secondary equity markets in the EU. This is an important and exciting project that will feed into the Commission’s analysis for the new road map for the Capital Markets Union.

A key part of the study is to understand the listing decision from an issuer’s perspective. What are the main reasons for listing and delisting? What are the typical triggers for this decision? What are the main considerations (costs and benefits) that influence a firm’s decision to list on a public market?

We are seeking views from key financial decision-makers (CFOs, Heads of Investor Relations, Heads of Treasuries, etc.) on the listing decision. Views are welcome from all types of business—big and small, unlisted and listed.

Let us know what you think and help us to analyse the design and functioning of equity markets in Europe. Your responses will feed directly into our analysis for the European Commission, and will help them shape the equity markets of the future in Europe.

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