Portrait of Dr Leonardo Mautino

Dr Leonardo Mautino : Partner

Leonardo has 20 years of professional experience in applying economics in the context of sectoral regulation. He leads Oxera’s work in regulatory incentive design, regulatory policy and regulatory due diligence.

He has advised companies, investors, governments and regulatory authorities on regulatory matters primarily in the infrastructure sectors. He has directed projects on a wide range of issues, including regulation of wholesale and retail markets, structure of price controls, market analysis, regulation of access charges, cost allocation, universal service obligations (USO) funding, and service quality incentive regulatory design.

Leonardo speaks English, Italian, and Spanish.

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 253047

Leonardo's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Directed regulatory due diligence for a transaction in the Italian motorways sector (2020)

  • Led the regulatory due diligence advice for a transaction in the Italian airport sector (2020)

  • Directed regulatory due diligence for a transaction on an Italian gas network (2020)

  • Led the advice to the Government of Jersey on the sectoral policy for ports (2019–20)

  • Project director advising ComReg (Ireland), on the approach for setting penalties for breaches of regulatory requirements in the telecoms sector (2019–20)

  • Led the advice to the Italian Airport Association in relation to the new regulatory regime for airports (2019–20)


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  • Nehrebecki, D., Mautino, L. and Knott, G. (2016), ‘Impact of market dynamics on the net cost of the USO’, in M. Crew and T. Brennan (eds), The Future of the Postal Sector in a Digital World, Springer.

  • Mautino, L., Dudley, P., Prettyman, J. and Heagney, F. (2013), ‘Estimating long-run incremental costs in the postal sector: A UK perspective’, in M. Crew and P. Kleindorfer (eds), Reforming the Postal Sector in the Face of Electronic Competition, Edward Elgar.

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  • Dudley, P., Agar, S., Mautino, L. and Flórez Duncan, F. (2009), ‘Competition through downstream access in the UK postal sector: the first four years’, in M. Crew and P. Kleindorfer (eds), Progress in the Competitive Agenda in the Postal and Delivery sector, Edward Elgar.


  • DPhil Economics, University of Oxford

  • MSc Economics, University of Warwick

  • BA Economics, Córdoba National University, Argentina