Portrait of Hannes Seidel

Hannes Seidel : Senior Consultant

Hannes is a member of Oxera’s Analytics team. His work focuses on advising law firms and corporates on a variety of issues in litigation, strategy and regulation, drawing insight from quantitative econometric techniques. Hannes has worked closely with corporates in preparing and analysing large and complex datasets using cloud-based infrastructure.

Hannes also led the development of Oxera’s interactive apps, which empower clients to understand and take charge of the analysis.

Prior to joining Oxera, he studied Finance and Economics at the London School of Economics, where he specialised in time series econometrics and the economics of asset pricing.

Hannes speaks English, and German.

Tel: +44 (0) 20 7776 6691

Hannes' specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Led the empirical estimation of pass-on and volume effects for a high-profile case in the mobile technology industry (2022–23)

  • Led a team analysing the invoice data of a large payments company as part of a market investigation (2022–)

  • Econometrically estimated the impact of COVID-19 travel restrictions on health and economic outcomes (2022–23)

  • Analysis of the impact of narrow most favoured nation clauses for an online travel platform using search and bookings data (2021–22)

  • Estimated damages arising from a cartel and bribery case in the German construction sector (2022)

  • Led on the simulation of the economics of cash payments for a major payments provider (2021–22)


  • MSc Finance and Economics, London School of Economics and Political Science, UK

  • BSc Economics, University of Mannheim, Germany

Latest Insights:  Hannes Seidel

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