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Telecoms, Media and Technology

Connecting you with expertise across the value chain

Making the right connections drives success in the vast telecoms, media and technology (TMT) sector.

Whether you’re a fixed or mobile operator facing regulatory or antitrust hurdles, a media or a technology company looking to maximise the value of your IP, or a regulatory authority trying to make sense of a fast-moving sector, connecting with Oxera’s experts can make all the difference.

A web of support

Oxera’s consultants have garnered vast experience across the TMT value chain, but also throughout other regulated markets, and all areas of economics.

It’s this breadth and depth of expertise that sets Oxera apart, enabling you to access the right support at the right time. It also means ensuring the best outcomes for your customers, whether your business involves broadcasting, fixed or mobile network operations, online platforms, or hardware and technology.

Our experts lead the debate on a wide range of TMT issues, frequently consulting, writing, and speaking on:

  • investment incentives for network operators
  • antitrust issues, such as network-sharing agreements, margin squeeze concerns or self-preferencing in the digital age
  • pricing of access to telecoms networks
  • consumer protection regulation and fairness frameworks
  • the future of digital regulation, including the value of data, the impact of algorithms on market design, and the tension between privacy and competition
  • media convergence
  • intellectual property and patents

Global sector, global consumers

Your customers expect voice and broadband services, media, online platforms, and smart devices that work seamlessly and transcend borders.

We match the truly global nature of TMT by supporting corporations, legal teams, regulators, and policymakers internationally—using our economics expertise to get to the heart of the issues and provide innovative solutions.

Our clients benefit from the unique insights on strategy, policy, and regulation that we provide. And in a complex market, it’s crucial that we deliver findings and recommendations that are practical and accessible—translating technical analysis into clear, concise, and actionable conclusions.

Our experience

Some of the world’s largest and most well-known organisations across the TMT sector have chosen us as their trusted adviser. This includes broadcasters, social media platforms, multinational technology firms, telecoms network operators, sector regulators, and even international film and TV production companies:

  • Amazon
  • BT Group
  • Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg)
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Liberty Global
  • Motion Picture Association
  • The Regulatory Authority of Bermuda
  • United Group

Start-ups, smaller players and consumer organisations also look to us for economics advice while growing their businesses, launching products, or working with regulators and competition authorities.

Telecoms, Media and Technology Insights

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