Depiction of Data Science and Analytics

Data Science and Analytics

Telling the story behind the data

Evidence-based expertise

Whether they’re being made in the boardroom or the courtroom, good decisions rely on good evidence. Understanding what data to collect, how to analyse it, and how to draw out the relevant insights is vital to providing evidence that decision-makers can rely on.

Our Analytics practice has extensive experience in applying econometrics, statistics, data science, simulation, and experimental methods to provide data-led insights into how markets work. Our multidisciplinary team is built to harness the best of these techniques, and covers numerous sectors and geographies.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards. That’s why you can trust our analysis to stand up to rigorous scrutiny from legal teams and board members.

Truth from statistics and simulations

With deep understanding and experience of using econometrics and statistical techniques, our experts know how consumers and corporations respond to shocks—such as illegal activity, market entry, new regulations, policies, and taxes.

Econometric evidence can be applied in a variety of contexts, including:

  • quantifying overcharge and pass-on in follow-on antitrust cases
  • estimating the efficiency of utility companies in the context of price regulation
  • predicting demand responses in aviation following the COVID-19 pandemic

Often, when designing a new policy or strategy, you’ll find that the perfect solution does not exist. Our experts have an extensive track record of using simulations, experiments, and market research to help decision-makers understand trade-offs and identify the best possible outcomes.

This could involve designing airport slot auction mechanisms, understanding the Digital Markets Act’s impact on innovation across the EU, or using interactive simulations to stress-test energy pricing regulation.

Making the best use of data

Our data scientists are embedded in our project teams, enabling you to benefit from a blend of cutting-edge data-science and our vast sectoral, economics, and finance skills—giving you robust and accurate answers to your most pressing questions.

Our predictive and causal models enable you to understand the impact of changes in your market, whether we’re measuring how retail consumers are using banking services, exploring how different users interact with smartphone features, or predicting when new entrants will meet regulatory thresholds.

Data fuels our analytics expertise, so we treat it with respect at every stage of each project. We combine datasets for a holistic economic view, using technology to:

  • fuse internal business data and external sources
  • securely store and process data compliantly using cloud or on-site infrastructures
  • automate scraping of documents
  • share our work and insights with you interactively

Our expertise

Our Partners and Principals are world-leaders in this field, collaborating with renowned academics to produce best-in-class results. Here’s a snapshot of our Analytics leaders and their advisory and expert experience:

  • Dr Helen Jenkins (Partner)—ran live regression code in a court trial
  • Alan Horncastle (Partner) and Subal Kumbhakar (Associate)—co-authored the definitive book on Stochastic Frontier Analysis: A Practitioner’s Guide to Stochastic Frontier Analysis using Stata
  • David Jevons (Partner) and Dr Walter Beckert (Associate)—provided evidence to Judicial Review on the statistical robustness of evidence used to decide the funding for education of children with special needs

[Oxera has] provided us with great insights through high quality visualisation of the data and helped us to translate the key messages. I highly recommend them

- Angelica Candido, Sector Group Manager, European Fluorocarbons Technical Committee (EFCTC)