What was the client issue?

Digital maps have become part of our lives, but what impact do they have on the economy? That’s what Google asked us to find out.

How did we help the client solve it?

Using evidence based on Industrial Organisation models and transport economics, we quantified the benefits of the Geo services industry to global businesses. We found that its value is much greater than once thought via the quantifying of links and attachment to items such as phones, computers and tablets. Our understanding of ‘real-world’ consumer behaviour and decision-making allied to our academic credentials delivered real insights to Google. 

Why was the outcome compelling for the client?

The study was one of the first to consider Geo services as an industry, encompassing all digital mapping and location-based services, used online and on smartphones, as well as in technology such as satellite navigation and imaging, and location-based searching. Our innovative approach to measuring the impact of GPS and the items it is used on was conveyed through an infographic in the final presentation. The report’s impact also lay in its appeal to a wide variety of audiences.