A Compelling Approach

Simply navigating the changing regulatory environment is a challenge, but to make the most of the opportunities that change presents, an organisation needs to be able to come up with novel approaches to regulation, including in relation to incentive mechanisms and other policies that affect regulated companies. This is where we can help. Our understanding of the sector, our expertise within it and our ability to devise innovative solutions means you can do more than just ‘survive’ regulation. It also explains why we’ve led the regulatory debate for more than three decades and have been involved in every major price control process since the privatisation of UK utilities in the 1980s. We’ve also been involved in shaping regulatory frameworks across jurisdictions in Europe and beyond, most recently in Italy and Eastern Europe.

We’re at the forefront of new regulatory questions being applied to the health sector and to financial and professional services firms, in particular in relation to behavioural economics.

Our Services
  • Price control reviews
  • Regulatory policy design
  • Regulatory strategy
  • Costing and pricing advice
  • Regulatory due diligence and transaction support
The Oxera CV
  • Advised the European Commission and companies on regulatory impact assessments across a range of sectors, including financial services, transport and energy
  • Advised the Irish communications regulator, ComReg, on next generation access regulatory pricing obligations
  • Advised on the design of best practice regulation of heat markets in the Baltic region and Eastern Europe, as well as regulatory strategic advice
  • Advised on all major reviews of regulatory reform in the UK including the rail, airports, energy networks, post and water sectors
  • Designed frameworks for the Financial Conduct Authority and other regulators to assess the costs and benefits of regulation
  • Advised shareholders and funds on the implications of regulation for risk and return across the infrastructure space
  • Advised financial organisations on the implications of banking reform
  • Advised European network industries on the implications of regulations introduced as a consequence of European Directives
  • Advised on regulation of legal services
  • Advising a top international airport on regulatory strategy and the design of regulatory matters
  • Advising investors on regulatory due diligence in the context of transactions across a range of infrastructure sectors

Oxera brings a conceptual economic perspective that provides useful insight into the regulatory issues that we face as a company and the electricity distribution industry. This is an authoritative view that draws upon a range of interesting and relevant parallels from other regulated environments.

— CE Electric UK