A Compelling Approach

What impact will the economy have on your company or industry? If you raise prices, will you generate more revenue? How can you demonstrate to the regulator or your investors that future demand is strong and reliable? Who will benefit from any market reforms? Which aspects of your product do customers value most? Economic modelling provides answers before a big, costly decision has to be taken. Our modelling team, containing analysts, thinkers and innovators backed up by over 30 of experience, uses the latest sophisticated modelling techniques to answer questions on business strategy, regulatory submissions, investor presentations, court cases and competition inquiries. What compelling glimpse into the future would help your business?

Our Services
  • Market understanding
  • Business planning
  • Economic impact assessment
  • Customer and industry engagement
  • Economic support for damages litigation
The Oxera CV
  • Measured the economic impact of Geo services on the global economy, for Google
  • Developed a model to assess the welfare effects of copyright levies on the EU economy, for Nokia
  • Designed a regulatory model for Royal Mail to determine allowed prices for upcoming price control reviews
  • Quantified the value of state support for The Royal Bank of Scotland
  • Advised Heathrow Express on its pricing strategy by surveying travellers from central London
  • Analysed the economics and trends in global infrastructure for Balfour Beatty in preparation for its 2010 investor seminar