A Compelling Approach

We have deep industry knowledge backed up with core economic skills spanning both ‘old’ and ‘new’ communications technologies—postal, fixed and mobile telecoms, internet, pay TV or media—which will help you operate and succeed in the market.

Where there may be gaps in your knowledge, we can help. We have advised numerous telecoms companies, broadcasters, postal operators, and regulators around the world with competition and regulatory economics, policy analysis, quantitative analysis and economic modelling, accounting and financial modelling. This ensures that you will get the right economic expertise on each new project and that you see the bigger, cross-sectoral picture.

Our Services
  • Policy and strategy
  • Expert support during competition cases and investigations
  • Market reviews and design of regulatory remedies
  • Quantification of damages in litigation and commercial disputes
  • Competition risk assessments and strategy advice
  • Regulatory finance and modelling
  • State aid investigations
The Oxera CV
  • We have advised companies such as Royal Mail, Belgacom and BT in various long-running competition and litigation cases relating to margin squeeze
  • As main economic advisers to Royal Mail on regulatory and competition economic issues, we have undertaken numerous competition risk assessments in relation to proposed changes to its retail and wholesale pricing plans
  • Advised BT during the wholesale local access and wholesale broadband access market review and charge controls on regulatory policy, finance, competition and efficiency issues, as well as acting as economic experts in appeals before the UK Competition Commission and Competition Appeal Tribunal
  • Analysed the feasibility and implications of the fibre network investment model that CityFibre Holdings is currently implementing in UK towns and cities
  • Designed a co-investment model for next-generation access (NGA) networks on behalf of Vodafone to address the factors that currently hinder large-scale investment in NGA networks in Europe
  • Advised KPN on cost of capital in the context of its regulatory review
  • Advised Belgacom on a long-running litigation case about margin squeeze
  • Assisted ComReg in the design of a framework to monitor and assess the secondary market for spectrum trading, which included the most appropriate definition of a test for ‘distortion to competition’
  • Helped the BBC design its Fair Trading Guidelines
  • Advising the horseracing industry on the commercial use of media rights
  • Assisted Ofcom during the UK pay-TV market investigation, with a detailed analysis of Sky’s profitability across its retail and wholesale activities

Oxera’s analysis of the effects of the financial turmoil, supported by detailed examination of the available evidence and in-depth knowledge of capital markets, has proved to be an invaluable input into our current thinking on how to approach Ofcom.

— BT Group