A Compelling Approach

As an inventor, how do you make sure you get a fair return for everything you risked and invested, whether it is through divestment or licensing of your patents? How do you safeguard your IP? Do you know what to do about royalty fees? Basing them on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) principles requires specialist economic knowledge. In the case of IP infringement or unjust injunction, what is the damage to your business? All of these are things to consider while you’re still running the business that got you to this point.

Our advice is to hand these issues to economists who are experts in financial analysis, risk modelling and valuation, who understand FRAND and competition law issues across a range of sectors, including telecommunications, hi-tech, pharmaceutical and chemicals, and who can quantify damages from patent or copyright infringements or injunctions.

  • Valuation of IP in the context of divestments and licensing, alongside other strategic advice on monetisation
  • Economic analysis of FRAND royalties
  • Damages arising from IP infringements
  • Advice on cases involving the interaction of IP law and competition law
  • Impact assessment of IP policies
The Oxera CV
  • Worked for some of the biggest names, including Adobe, AstraZeneca, BT, EDS, Google, Nokia, Samsung and TomTom
  • Advised clients in patent and FRAND disputes, providing valuation analysis and damages quantification
  • Provided advice for strategies for monetisation of IP
  • Provided expert testimony in competition and merger cases in the sector, often related to the complex interface between IP and competition law
  • Oxera studies have contributed to policy debates about copyright levies, media rights and FRAND