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The cost of equity for RIIO-2

Oxera has published a report that provides initial estimates of the cost of equity for the RIIO-2 price controls. The report recommends a range of 5.51 – 6.34% for the real (RPI-deflated) cost of equity for energy networks in Great Britain from 2021 onwards.

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New rail treaty will save Europe over €19bn

Oxera today unveiled a study for the Rail Working Group that assesses the direct microeconomic benefits from the Luxembourg Rail Protocol, which will save €19.4bn for a group of 20 countries in Europe. The Luxembourg Rail Protocol is a new global treaty that will make it much easier and cheaper to finance railway rolling stock and is expected to enter into force in 2019.

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Paying more for less…


Retail prices will rise in Eastern European and Baltic countries as cross-border access accelerates a move to exclusive, pan-European licencing

The quality, quantity and diversity of locally produced, culturally tailored content will decline as investment by local platforms and distributors falls

The quality and choice of local pay-TV and online distribution platforms will decline as a result of rights limitations and pan-European homogenisation

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