‘We develop innovative, actionable and compelling solutions, by deploying diverse project teams with a mix of skills and cross-industry experience.’

In this Q&A, a panel of Oxera specialists discuss success stories and key strategic issues that companies seek our advice on.

What key issues do our clients face with strategy?

Dariusz Nehrebecki Questions like how to boost revenues/profits, how to enter/serve a particular market, what is a fair value of a particular investment to the company are often tackled in the same traditional ways. With our knowledge of economics, we offer a different perspective. And we take great pride in assisting our clients along the way.

Craig Lonie We get asked all sorts of questions, from ‘How would my competition respond if I change the price of my product or service?’ to ‘Am I making the most of the opportunities of big data?’ We have the tools and expertise to tailor our response to our clients’ specific needs.

Matthew Shepherd Our clients ask us to help with issues such as pricing; entry, growth, acquisition, and exit strategies; valuation, investment appraisal, and risk modelling; operational improvements and benchmarking; and guiding regulatory interactions.

Peter Hope Within entry, growth, and exit strategy, we get asked about the size of markets, whether a client should grow via acquisition or organically, which market areas are expanding, or sometimes whether exiting the market is the best option.

David Jevons The standard approaches deployed by the conventional strategy consultants may not fully address these questions. Complex features of the marketplace (e.g. the nature of competition or the regulatory framework) often complicate the problems, making the right approach unclear. We offer clarity that cuts through this.

Who are the main client groups Oxera works with?

DN We work primarily with corporates. Our work is commissioned at different levels of the business, including boards, strategy, commercial function, and operations.

CL Our work is typically the result of trusted and long-lasting relationships with key individuals within the clients’ organisations. We offer robust advice to both blue-chip companies and small start-ups.

How do we help clients shape strategy?

DJ Business problems can be tough to crack on your own. We bring together over 30 years of experience and individuals from very diverse backgrounds. Our bespoke approach is based on a thorough understanding of the underlying economics, together with an open, adaptable mindset. This results in a fresh and unique perspective on your problem, which will challenge the existing thinking, and deliver a new and effective answer.

MS Using extensive research, interview and analysis techniques, we support clients with tactical issues, such as pricing, and wider strategic issues that define their businesses over multiple years.

PH We develop innovative, actionable and compelling solutions, by deploying diverse project teams with a mix of skills and cross-industry experience. Crossing categories and functions within teams means we can apply our experience in one sector to clients facing similar issues in another sector.

CL We do so much more than help clients in ‘crisis’ situations. Because we understand our clients’ economic and regulatory environment, we can provide a fresh view and can tackle pretty much any question thrown at us, which offers something different from the big strategy consultancies.

Oxera Strategy Q&A

What are the most valuable benefits we provide our clients?

CL Our aim is to help our clients improve business performance. This starts with a better understanding of their business and its key drivers, and designing a clear plan for change with a view to increasing shareholder returns.

DN Put simply—greater top-line revenues/market shares and profits.

PH Alternatively we can investigate options for cost reduction. The better their business works and more operational improvements we implement, the more money they save. This might mean, for example, smoother and/or more efficient distribution channels, or a closer alignment of promotional budgets where they really make a difference.

MH Often our recommendations lead to a successful market entry or exit.

Partners Peter Hope and David Jevons and Senior Consultants Dariusz Nehrebecki and Matt Shepherd lead Oxera’s work on strategy.