‘What do clients want from us? Someone who can credibly support their case with evidence in the hearing.’

In this Q&A, Oxera economic experts discuss the success stories and key issues our clients face in litigation.

What are the issues faced by our clients?

Dr Min Shi Our clients find themselves in commercial disputes arising from many circumstances. They may look to bolster their legal arguments with economic arguments, or require estimates of the quantum of damages as part of their claim or defence. Oxera can help in all these situations.

Dr Helen Jenkins Issues involving competition economics and competition law can arise in surprising places. Clients may require economic advice in ensuring compliance with competition law, as well as recovering damages from firms involved in competition infringements, or defending themselves in such cases.

Robin Noble As technology develops at an increasing rate, intellectual property (IP) associated with such progress plays an ever-increasing role. Clients may face many issues related to, for example, fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms in licensing their IP, valuation of patents, and abuse of IP, where economics plays an important role.

Oxera Litigation Q&A

What do our clients need?

Dr Gunnar Niels Clients look for end-to-end support from experts, those who can help them in early assessment of the economic merit of the case, preparation of expert reports, testimonies at hearings and advice for settlement negotiations.

RN Clients require experienced experts with the relevant sectoral and technical knowledge who can explain sophisticated economic concepts and issues in an easy-to-understand, compelling and robust way.

MS Clients want a team of people trained to think systematically and coherently, and those who can unwind complex cases to establish robust counterfactuals to inform and support the legal claims.

What are the most valuable benefits we provide our clients?

How do we meet those needs?

RN Our experts are dedicated and are passionate about supporting our clients in every stage of dispute resolution.

MS We have a number of experienced experts with extensive knowledge of many sectors including energy, financial services and telecoms, which are complemented by their technical skills in finance, competition economics and modelling.

HJ Our training in economics equips us with unparalleled rigour in our thinking, allowing us to tackle the issue of causality and counterfactuals in a unique way. We pride ourselves on being able to present and explain our arguments in an accessible manner whether through written submissions or oral presentations.

Oxera Partners Dr Min Shi and Robin Noble lead Oxera’s work in the area of litigation, alongside Partners Dr Helen Jenkins and Dr Gunnar Niels.