Tim specialises in regulation and behavioural economics. Since joining Oxera in 2016, his work has focused on financial services and telecoms. He won the International Institute of Communications 2018 Future Leaders Competition. On the financial services side, Tim has advised a number of retail providers on conduct and regulatory risks arising from their processes and outcomes, focusing on quantifying consumer outcomes and the fairness of pricing. On the telecoms side, Tim has advised operators and regulators around the world on various aspects of retail and wholesale market regulation, including online markets and both mobile and fixed connectivity markets. Tim regularly delivers training on behavioural economics as part of Oxera’s courses, as bespoke training for clients such as the FCA, and for marketing professionals. He has published articles on the intersection of behavioural economics and regulation, and has run a number of behavioural experiments.

Selected project experience

  • Running a large behavioural experiment for a government department (2019–)
  • Designing management information on consumer outcomes for an insurer (2019)
  • Advising a client throughout a CMA market investigation (2018–)
  • Assessed the conduct risks around a mortgage product for a large financial services provider (2019)
  • Designed and delivered training on behavioural economics, conduct risk and regulation to members of UK Finance (2019)
  • Advising an insurer on multiple issues around fairness of pricing over a range of general insurance products (2018–)
  • Analysing the fairness of pricing for an insurer, including in general insurance and other products (2018–)
  • Advised a large financial services provider on embedding behavioural economics throughout the organisation (2018)
  • Assessed conduct risks over digital channels for a financial services provider (2018)
  • Modelled the consumer value of a financial services product given behavioural preferences in the context of an FCA investigation (2017)
  • Conducted an online experiment for the Financial Services Compensation Scheme investigating specific factors that influence pension product choices (2017)
  • Conducted an online experiment for the FCA investigating the effect of different charges on consumer choice of pension product (2016–17)
  • Analysed a customer communication from a financial services provider using behavioural economics (2017)
  • Assisted a litigation using insights from behavioural economics (2018)
  • Assessed the impact of consumer data in online markets for Which? (2018)
  • Analysed the effects of zero-rated pricing using behavioural insights (2018)
  • Reviewed a market definition given insights from behavioural economics (2017)
  • Created a practical guide to margin squeeze tests for a European telecoms operator (2018)
  • Advising a telecoms regulator on the introduction of consumer protection regulation (2018–)
  • Advised a European regulator on the application of a margin squeeze test (2017–18)
  • Advising a European client on the competition aspects of mobile network sharing agreements (2017–)
  • Advising a European telecoms operator defending a damages case (2016–17)
  • Advised numerous telecoms regulators on regulatory issues, including wholesale markets, retail markets and consumer protection (2013–16)

Selected publications

  • Hogg, T. (2019), ‘Get the whole picture’, InterMedia, 46:4, pp. 30–35, International Institute of Communications, April, based on 2018 Future Leaders Competition award-winning article.
  • Hogg, T. (2018), ‘Why we need to consider holistic consumer outcomes’, Agenda, December.
  • Hogg, T. (2018), ‘Zero-rating behaviour’, InterMedia, 46:1, pp. 34–36, International Institute of Communications, April.
  • Hogg, T. (2017), ‘Making the right moves: How behavioural economics can help consumers’, InterMedia, 45:1, pp. 18–22, International Institute of Communications, April.
  • Hogg, T. (2016), ‘Would you like WiFi with that? The behavioural economics of bundles’, Plum Insight Paper, March.


  • MSc Behavioural Economics, University of Nottingham, UK
  • BSc Economics, University of Nottingham, UK