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Gareth Shier : Principal

Gareth specialises in competition, telecoms and media. He has advised clients from numerous sectors on a range of competition issues, including merger proceedings, abuse of dominance, collusion and vertical restraints. His experience includes cases before the European Commission, national regulators and the US FTC, covering sectors such as telecoms, broadcasting, airlines, energy, pharmaceuticals, FMCG, post and freight.

His telecoms and media experience includes advising a range of international clients, as well as regulatory authorities, on a variety of competition, regulation and commercial matters. These include mergers, regulatory impact assessments, wholesale-must-offer obligations, international pay-TV performance benchmarking, Next Generation Access pricing, copyright exceptions and content licensing.

Gareth speaks English.

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 253023

Gareth's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Advised Virgin Media on its competition complaint to Ofcom in the UK, pertaining to an Article 101 TFEU issue with the sale of broadcast rights (2014)

  • Prepared an assessment of the risk that the CMA would find competition issues in local markets, for a retail client considering a merger in the UK (2014)

  • Advised Liberty Global during the European Commission’s Phase II review of its merger with De Vijver Media in Belgium (2014)

  • Conducted an assessment of the total impact that an aeronautical telecoms network would have on the UK economy, for Inmarsat (2014)

  • Assisted Liberty Global with its Form CO filing to DG Competition for its joint takeover with Discovery Communications of all3Media (2014)

  • Assisted with an assessment of the impact that safe harbour laws can have on Internet intermediary liability, for a large technology client (2014)


  • Haydock, J., Langus, G., Lipatov, V., Neven, D. and Shier, G. (2012), ‘Costing methodologies and incentives to invest in fibre’, European Commission DG Information Society and Media (now DG Connect), July.

  • Caffarra, C., Edwards, G., Dantcheva, H. and Shier, G. (2012), ‘Ofcom’s Impact Assessment of Changes to Switching Options for Fixed Voice / Broadband Lines: An Economic Review’, Ofcom, May.


  • MSc Economics, University College London

  • BSc Economics, University of Birmingham

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