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Gareth Shier : Principal

Gareth specialises in the economics of competition and public policy within digital, telecoms and media markets. He has over ten years of experience advising a wide range of international clients, industry bodies and authorities. His competition experience includes numerous Phase I and Phase II merger proceedings, abuse of dominance cases and collusive agreement cases before both the European Commission and national competition authorities.

His experience in telecoms and media includes advising clients, industry bodies and the Commission on fixed-mobile convergence mergers, next-generation access pricing, policy impact assessments, pay-TV content licencing, and copyright issues.

Within digital, Gareth is a frequent contributor to the debate, having written and spoken on issues around copyright in the digital single market, liabilities and responsibilities for online businesses, and digital markets regulation. His recent work has focused on the forthcoming Digital Markets Act and Digital Services Act and the practicalities of putting these new rules into practice.

Now based in Oxford, Gareth has previously lived and worked in London, Brussels and Amsterdam.

Gareth speaks English.

Tel: +44 (0) 1865 253023

Gareth's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Study of the Dutch fixed-line broadband market and insights from the economics literature on the impact of access regulation for KPN (2022)

  • Reviewed the likely consequences for businesses and consumers of proposed amendments to the Digital Markets Act, for the Computer and Communication Industry Association (2022)

  • Advised Telenet on the likely competition issues arising from its bid for Voo in Belgium (2021)

  • Examined the impact of the Digital Markets Act on consumers, for the Computer and Communications Industry Association (2021)

  • Examined the impact of the Digital Services Act on European business users for the trade association Allied for Startups (2020)

  • Advised Liberty Global through the merger of its subsidiary UPC CH and mobile operator Sunrise Communications in Switzerland (2020)


  • Antuca, A., Mell, A. and Shier, G. (2022), ‘DMA trilogue: tension in the details’, EURACTIV, 10 January.

  • Mell, A. and Shier, G. (2021), ‘Understanding competition in digital markets: new perspectives on old practices’, Competition Law Journal, 20:3, October.

  • Flórez Duncan, F. and Shier, G. (2021), ‘A more flexible, effects based approach is required if the DMA is to foster innovation and protect the value platforms offer’, Competition Policy International, 11 July.

  • Blankertz, A. and Shier, G. (2016), ‘One price for all? Differentiated pricing in online markets’, Competition Law Journal, 15:4, October.

  • Shier, G. (2014), ‘What’s on the telly? The European Commission investigates pay-TV film deals’, Competition Law Insight, May.

  • Langus, G., Neven, D. and Shier, G. (2013), ‘Assessing the economic impacts of adapting certain limitations and exceptions to copyright and related rights in the EU’, prepared for DG MARKT European Commission, October.


  • MSc Economics, University College London, UK

  • BSc Economics, University of Birmingham, UK

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