Jouni specialises in quantitative arguments in competition law, commercial, and regulatory disputes. He has experience in applying econometric techniques across several jurisdictions, and for both public- and private-sector clients. Applications include merger clearance, quantification of cartel damages, quantification of losses arising from contract violations, efficiency defences of horizontal agreements, assessment of abuse of dominance claims, regulatory appeals, and impact assessments. In a litigation context, Jouni acts regularly for both claimants and defendants.

Before joining Oxera, Jouni worked as a university lecturer. He has presented on regulation and competition economics topics at Oxera’s in-house courses and external seminars.

Selected project experience

  • Expert economic advice to truck manufacturers defending multiple damages claims following a finding of an Article 101 infringement by the European Commission (2017–)
  • Expert economic advice to Microsoft in its claims regarding the lithium-ion batteries cartel (2015–19)
  • Expert economic advice in the air cargo case, on the claimant side (2016–)
  • Expert economic advice in the high-voltage cables case (multiple mandates), on the claimant side (2016–)
  • Quantitative support in a commercial dispute relating to the impact of IP protection in the pharmaceutical industry, on the defendant side (2017–18)
  • Estimation of consequential losses in the context of a commercial dispute between mobile network operators, on the claimant side (2017–18)
  • Advice on quantitative arguments in an abuse of dominance litigation, acting for a competition authority (2017–18)
  • Quantification of Article 101(3) efficiencies resulting from a horizontal agreement in the telecoms sector, acting for one of the parties to the agreement (2017–)
  • Expert advice to an insurer in relation to potential damages claims (2016)
  • Expert economic advice in a class action damages quantification exercise for a defendant in Chile in the FMCG sector (2016–17)
  • Assistance to a European gas distribution operator in responding to a regulatory determination (2016)
  • Advice on quantification of cartel damages for a major European retailer, on the claimant side (2016)
  • Estimation of appropriate ongoing efficiency parameters for a Northern European utilities regulator (2015)
  • Quantification of damages suffered by a major European manufacturer as a result of a global cartel, on the claimant side (2015)
  • Assistance to Scottish Power in responding to the CMA market investigation into the GB energy market (2015)
  • Advising Statoil Fuel & Retail in its acquisition of Shell’s fuel retail business, notified to the European Commission (2015–16)
  • Advice to South West Water during the CMA inquiry into its merger with Bournemouth Water (2015)
  • Demand forecasting for Russian Railways to inform an investment case (2014–15)
  • Critical review of econometric expert reports submitted in the Finnish raw timber cartel case, on the claimant side (2013–17)
  • Revenue forecasting for a Western European airport operator (2012)
  • Modelling of historical volatility to support an assessment of business risk for a major UK airport (2012)
  • Quantification of follow-on damages for a high-tech manufacturer against a global cartel, on the claimant side (2012)
  • Advice to South Staffs Water on the impact of its merger with Cambridge Water on the comparative regime for the Competition Commission inquiry (2012)


  • DPhil Economics, University of Oxford, UK
  • MPhil Economics, University of Oxford, UK
  • BA (Hons) Philosophy, Politics and Economics, University of Oxford, UK