Anton leads Oxera’s DACH Energy team, where he advises on competition, regulation, state aid, due diligence, efficiency analysis and regulatory finance and strategy. He has worked on and managed numerous projects for private and public clients in the energy sector, including RWE, E.ON, BDEW, NetzeBW, Amprion, TenneT and TransnetBW, National Grid, Swissgas, Verbund, APG, ESB Ireland, BNetzA, E-Control, Oesterreichs Energie and the Swiss BFE. He has also worked on projects for banks and investment funds such as Ancala, Blackstone/Fisterra, Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Terra Firma, and Balfour Beatty Infrastructure Partners. Before joining Oxera in 2014, he was a consultant with a major European economics consultancy in London.

Prior to consulting, Anton was a junior assistant professor at the Institute for Regulatory Economics at the Vienna University of Economics and Business. Anton is a peer reviewer for Zeitschrift für Energiewirtschaft.

Selected project experience

  • Competition analysis of the European market for biomethane (2019)
  • Competition analysis of the German wholesale electricity market in the context of the RWE–E.ON transaction (2018–19)
  • Support for two German network operators in a court appeal against their efficiency value, Xind (2018–19)
  • Support for a group of German network operators in a court appeal against the general efficiency value, Xgen (2018–19)
  • Risk modelling for Network Rail (2018–19)
  • Competition analysis of the Irish biomass market (2018–19)
  • Due diligence for power-plant investments in Germany (besondere Netztechnische Betriebsmittel) (2018)
  • Strategy project for a German TSO on the future development of the German regulatory system (2019)
  • Due diligence project on the valuation of a strategic reserve plant (2018)
  • Assisting BDEW in a regulatory consultation on how to set the productivity factor, Xgen (the X factor in RPI – X regulation) (2016–19)
  • Ex post assessment of the effect of state aid on competition (2017)
  • Expert opinion to a German court on benchmarking techniques (2016)
  • Supporting a group of electricity generators in an article 102 electricity market abuse of dominance case at the European Commission (2016)
  • Advising a German network operator in a regulatory consultation on how to set the market risk premium consistently (2016)
  • Assisting a network operator in understanding its own productivity (2016)
  • Buy-side due diligence for a grid-scale battery asset in Germany (2016)
  • Buy-side due diligence on a German TSO and a Swiss pipeline asset (2016)
  • Assessing the risk of interest rates rising above the allowance granted by the German regulator, with state-of-the-art modelling techniques (2016)
  • Analysing the pros and cons of regulating the Transitgas pipeline in Switzerland, one of the few merchant pipelines in Europe (2016)
  • Analysing the market for gas meters in the UK, for National Grid (2015)
  • Estimating damages due to the sea cable cartel, for BritNed (2015)
  • Assessing the future development of the regulatory productivity factor, Xgen, in light of the German Energiewende, for a German TSO (2015)
  • Advising Scottish Power during its CMA review (2014)
  • Cost of capital for the Energiewende, for four German TSOs (2014)
  • Due diligence on a German Gas TSO for an institutional investor (2014)
  • Assessing the cost-reflectiveness of different proposals for a new TSO-charging methodology in Great Britain, for Scottish Power (2014)
  • Litigation between the Republic of Slovenia and a Croatian utility for the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) (2013)
  • Welfare impact of interconnector ramping speed for National Grid (2013)
  • Modelling the effect of generation capacity markets for RWE Npower (2013)
  • Cost of capital of German railway infrastructure (BNetzA, 2013)
  • Due diligence of electricity network assets in Finland, Sweden and Norway for a large infrastructure investor (2013)
  • Due diligence of generation assets in Ireland for an investment bank (2013)
  • Helping UK Power Networks to design a total-cost benchmarking model for the GB electricity distribution industry (2013)
  • Modelling of the Irish and UK electricity market to assess the effects of an additional interconnector for ESB Ireland (2012)
  • Estimating the cost of capital of Austrian electricity and gas networks for the Austrian regulator E-Control and the French regulator CRE (2012)
  • Helping National Grid to assess investments in the transmission network using a real options model (2012)
  • Landmark energy competition case in Germany for RWE (2011)
  • Workshop on power plant investment appraisal models for Alpiq (2011)
  • Due diligence on a German gas transport pipeline (2011)
  • Analysis of the value drivers of a gas power plant for EnBW (2011)
  • Advice on international best practice in efficiency benchmarking and incentive regulation for the Swiss Federal Office of Energy and the Austrian energy regulator (2010)
  • Landmark energy merger in Germany and the Netherlands for RWE (2009)


  • Several publications in Energiewirtschaftliche Tagesfragen.
  • Burger, A., Buehler, A. and Ferstl, R. (2010), ‘The Investment Effects of Price Caps under Imperfect Competition: A Note’, Economics Letters106:2, pp. 92–4.


  • PhD Economics, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria
  • Master Economics and Operations Research, Vienna University of Economics and Business, Austria