Portrait of Dr Ambroise Descamps

Dr Ambroise Descamps : Senior Consultant

Ambroise is a member of Oxera’s Modelling and Competition teams. He specialises in the use of quantitative techniques in litigation and competition cases, advising clients on damage quantification in cartel cases, tax disputes, mergers, abuse of dominance claims, and public policy cases. His experience spans a wide range of industries, including aviation, digital markets, and manufactured goods.

Prior to joining Oxera in 2018, Ambroise held various research and teaching positions in France and Australia. His research focused on the field of applied microeconomics, behavioural economics, and applied econometrics. He is currently an invited lecturer at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and the Toulouse School of Economics.

Ambroise speaks English, and French.

Tel: +32 (0) 2 895 90 81

Ambroise's specialisms include:

professional experience

  • Economic advice in a merger investigation at the European Commission (2020–)

  • Economic advice to Transport Canada in its investigation of the proposed merger between Air Canada and Air Transat (2020–)

  • Expert economic advice to a victim of a bearings cartel in front of French courts (2019–)

  • Expert economic advice to a defendant following a data breach claim launched by a consumer association (2019–)

  • Expert economic advice to a victim of a carbon brushes cartel in front of French courts (2019–)

  • Expert economic advice to victims of the air cargo case cartel (2018–)


  • PhD in Economics, Queensland University of Technology, Australia

  • MSc in Economics, Toulouse School of Economics, France

  • BSc Economics, Toulouse School of Economics, France

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