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Market Investigations

Maximise opportunities, minimise risk

As the regulatory landscape changes across Europe, your business must be prepared for a shift in market investigations.

While sectors in the UK get to grips with the post-Brexit landscape, we expect studies and investigations by the likes of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) to switch focus.

In the EU, the regulatory lens is turning to tech giants with the introduction of the Digital Markets Act.

Given these developments, many firms may now find their operations under increased scrutiny—and that’s where our market investigations experts can help.

Understanding the UK

In the UK, the Market Investigations Regime is split into two types of review.

The first is a shorter market study—conducted by the CMA or a sector regulator such as the FCA—which can put a specific market, such as energy or insurance, under the microscope.

The second is a full market investigation—resulting from the initial market study—which is always conducted by the CMA.

Whether you’re engaged in a short market study or an in-depth, prolonged market investigation, our experts can support you throughout the process.

European expertise

The proposed Digital Markets Act will change the competition and regulatory landscape for tech giants like Apple and Google and firms that interact with them.

We are actively involved in the policy process around the Digital Markets Act, drawing on our knowledge of competition and regulation. The European Commission’s proposals for the Act have market investigations built in—for the designation of a gatekeeper, investigating non-compliance with the regulation, and assessing new services and new practices for regulation.

By your side

Whatever the type of market investigation you’re facing, we’ll act as your trusted adviser, providing insights to aid your response while also informing the thinking of the regulator.

Thanks to our wide experience of competition investigations, we understand the potential outcomes—from light-touch remedies designed to give customers more information to more invasive interventions like price caps or even asset divestments—but also the opportunities, such as correcting market failures and removing barriers to entry.

What sets our experts apart is:

  • a reputation for credibility, integrity, and quality among policymakers and regulators
  • our unique experience across sectors and disciplines, combining in-depth sector knowledge with expertise in market analysis, policy, and competition, financial, regulation, technical, and quantitative economics

Our experience

Our experts have extensive experience in market investigations and sector inquiries across the UK and Europe.

Our knowledge of regulators’ processes and priorities mean that authorities and firms can rely on our advice about the types of analysis, evidence, and arguments that will have the greatest impact.

Examples of previous market investigations where we provided expert economist analysis include retail banking, retail energy, insurance, local bus services, statutory audit services, funerals, digital comparison tools, private healthcare, payment protection insurance, consumer credit, groceries, airports, and investment consultants.

Market Investigations Insights

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