Not mutually exclusive? Assessing competition impacts in an appraisal framework

Textbook economics tells us that competition has benefits for users—lower prices, better quality of service, and greater quantity of output. However, economic appraisals are often silent on the impact of assessed policies or projects on market competition and outcomes. How can the effects of changes in market structure and the level of competition be assessed in appraisals in the transport sector?

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A fair share? The economics of the sharing economy

Do you want to travel to dinner in a limousine tomorrow? Stay in an apartment with disabled access in Paris? Invest a small amount in a high-risk start-up? The potential benefits of online sharing platforms for consumers are appealing, but some policymakers have questioned whether there is a level playing field with incumbent suppliers, and how far regulation should apply to these new entrants. The Oxera Economics Council met to discuss the topic in November 2015

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The CMA’s determinations for Bristol Water: an appealing process?

In October 2015, the UK Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) published its price determination for Bristol Water, which had objected to the industry regulator, Ofwat’s, previous conclusions on a number of issues. While the CMA’s price profile is closer to that of Ofwat than to the price profile sought by the company, the devil lies in the detail. The determination has a number of potential implications for the future approach to regulation

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