Boding well for bidding analysis

In recent years, bidding data analysis has become a key part of merger assessment in Europe. It has been instrumental in merger decisions across sectors—from energy to complex manufacturing to life sciences. What kinds of analysis are conducted in these cases?

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An era of negotiation: news publishers and online intermediaries

In September, the European Commission granted news publishers a new right that recognises their role in the creation of press content. But will this increase the remuneration they receive from online intermediaries and aggregators (such as social media companies and search engines) in negotiations over the publication of short news snippets on these sites? What can economics tell us about the dynamic surrounding these negotiations, and the likely success of the proposed regulations?

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The economics of peer-to-peer lending

Lending to consumers and businesses through peer-to-peer (P2P) lending platforms has grown considerably in recent years, and this innovative form of finance has become an established element of the financial sector in the UK. But for the industry to continue to grow, and for it to reach a ‘mass market’ of investors, the economics need to be well understood. So what does P2P lending offer to borrowers and investors, and what are the risks?

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Bail-in or bailout? State aid to banks under the Single Resolution Mechanism

Various European banks and other credit institutions are facing a challenging economic and commercial environment. This has brought the issue of state aid back to the fore. If these institutions do require state support, it is critical that this complies with both the European Bank Recovery and Resolution Directive (BRRD) and EU state aid rules. What exactly are these rules, and how can banks and their respective authorities demonstrate that support is compliant?

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