Zero rating: free access to content, but at what price?

As the net neutrality debate rolls on, new areas of concern are being highlighted. One prominent topic is zero rating, whereby part of a user’s data consumption is not counted towards their monthly data allowance. Despite some countries banning specific cases of zero rating, little work appears to have been done so far to assess the economic effects of these offers. What are the important considerations for such an assessment?

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Brexit: implications for the energy market

The outcome of the UK’s EU referendum on 23 June 2016 had an immediate effect on the financial markets in the EU and beyond. However, exchange rate effects aside, it is arguable whether it has had any significant impact on the prices of energy commodities. We look at the main features of current UK electricity market policy, before examining two potential consequences of Brexit on the sector

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Venturing further: water retail consolidation in England

The water sector in England is reshaping itself ahead of the non-household retail market opening in early 2017. There has already been some consolidation among existing players, and a number of others have signalled that they intend to enter the sector. What can be learned from these developments, and what can be expected going forward?

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Bargaining over slices of cloud: should IP interconnection markets be regulated?

EU ‘net neutrality’ regulations prevent Internet service providers (ISPs) from blocking or degrading consumers’ access to online content and application providers (CAPs). However, the rules are mostly silent on the wholesale relationship between ISPs (such as Orange or BT) and CAPs (such as Netflix) in upstream IP interconnection markets—who should pay whom, how much, and on what basis. What are the economic issues involved in this relationship, and what are their implications for policymaking?

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