The General Election 2015: what next for UK infrastructure?

On 8 May 2015, the UK woke up to a Conservative majority government—an outcome that flew in the face of opinion polls taken in the weeks and months before the General Election. Now that the dust has started to settle, what are the potential implications of this result for the UK energy, water, transport and communications sectors?

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A beautiful mind: the Nash legacy

John Nash, who died last month, changed the world of academia forever. His work in theoretical mathematics, bargaining theory and development of the Nash equilibrium has had a huge impact on a wide range of fields, including political science, international relations, philosophy and economics. Practitioners such as Oxera owe Nash a huge debt. Many of the theories about how firms interact, and how markets work, come directly from his work on game theory

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Integrated Transmission Planning and Regulation: what choice of tender model?

Competitive allocation mechanisms in the energy market are designed to reveal private information held by the participants, and crystallise the economic value of that information through the bidding process. However, the costs incurred by participants may sometimes outweigh this value. What factors determine whether allowing competing developers to bid for the right to deliver onshore transmission projects is likely to benefit electricity consumers, and what might such a mechanism look like?

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Concurrent competition powers for UK economic regulators

What is ‘concurrency’? Jon Stern, City University, London, sets out the concepts of formal and informal concurrency, which show the degree of cooperation between sectoral economic regulators and competition agencies in the UK and elsewhere. He surveys the arguments for and against formal concurrency, and considers its outlook under the arrangements established in the UK Enterprise and Regulatory Reform Act 2013 (ERRA13)

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