Joining the crowd? Crowdfunding from an investor perspective

Technological developments have encouraged the growth of many forms of ‘disintermediation’, whereby intermediaries that bring together consumers with producers are replaced by Internet-based marketplaces or platforms. Crowdfunding, which connects investors and fundraisers, is a rapidly growing example of this. So far, discussion has focused on the implications of crowdfunding for companies raising finance, but as crowdfunding investment reaches the mass market, there is a need to understand the phenomenon from the investor’s perspective as well

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Odds on? What was the probability of Leicester City’s 2016 success?

What were the odds of Leicester City’s triumph in the 2015/16 English Premier League football season? Whether the club will be able to sustain its success will depend on its risk appetite, luck, the wage bill it will need to maintain and, perhaps most importantly, the impact of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) rules on the competitive dynamics of club football. These issues are explored in the first of a series of Agenda articles on football, finance and economics

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