A time for sharing? Within-period performance-sharing in the UK

In March 2014, the Water Industry Commission for Scotland (WICS) published its draft determination for Scottish Water’s charge caps over 2015–21. The draft reflects a number of new regulatory developments, including the introduction of within-period performance-sharing between Scottish Water and customers. Such arrangements are also starting to emerge in other regulated sectors in the UK, but what are their possible implications?

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Making connections: mobile consolidation and European Commission remedies

Consolidation in the telecoms sector is driven by the convergence of network technologies and changing market dynamics. Merger remedies (when required) should safeguard consumer interests and allow industry evolution to adapt to these trends in the medium to long term. These two objectives are not mutually exclusive, and an evolving innovative industry will benefit consumers. What are some of the motivations underlying recent European Commission mobile merger remedies in this context?

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Running out of power? Commission moderates state aid reforms for energy

The European Commission’s revised Environmental and Energy Aid Guidelines have had a rocky start, fostered by an intense consultation process with member states. The new rules suggest that renewable energy sources should become ‘grid-competitive’ between 2020 and 2030, with current subsidies eventually being phased out. In the shorter term, member states will retain substantial discretion as to their energy policy, a discretion that is particularly valued in the context of Germany’s ‘Energiewende’

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