Ex post merger review: what is it and why do we need it?

Is merger policy effective, and how can governments know whether they can rely on the established analytical tools to help them make the right enforcement decisions? Daniel Hosken, an economist at the US Federal Trade Commission, considers how quantitative and qualitative ex post merger review can be used to test the current methods.

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Gender and insurance: unintended consequences of unisex insurance pricing

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the opt-out from the EU Gender Directive, which allows the use of gender as a risk factor in insurance pricing, contravenes the European Charter. What are the economic implications of a requirement for unisex insurance premiums and benefits? In particular, how effective is the rule in achieving gender-neutral insurance prices, and does it have any potential unintended market consequences?

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Happiness is…? Are you happy, and should policy-makers care?

How happy are you? Is this a question you can give a meaningful response to? There is a growing trend among governments and international organisations to measure well-being. What insights can such data provide about what makes people happy, and how happiness determines their behaviour, and can such analysis help to improve policy decisions and appraisal?

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