Our ambition is to be the economics advisers of choice, relentless in our analysis, revered for our thinking, valued for our innovation and compelling in our presentation. Our values underpin this, shaping every aspect of our approach to consultancy, our governance, our culture, and our leadership style, and the behaviour of everyone at Oxera.


Integrity is at the heart of what we do. So we are exhaustive in our data-gathering, thinking and analysis. Knowing we are doing everything we can to answer clients’ questions means that we can always be clear, transparent and objective, in the knowledge that our advice is trusted and respected by all sides.


To support our clients, we seek to develop our own ever-broader pool of talent. Expertise, knowledge and insight come from many sources, from our international expert consultants to our wider network of academic and industry associates. We seek out a wide cross-section of people to work for us and with us that will lead to more innovative insight.


Our ‘no-stone-unturned’ approach to gathering and distilling data, the way that we dig deeper to uncover the complex economics issues that our clients face (which they are sometimes not aware of), and working with some of the finest minds in economics allow us to come up with insights that are valuable, perceptive and innovative. We don’t present work that lacks these.


We are passionate about our work; we go the extra mile to achieve excellence. For all tasks, we make a point of understanding the wider context. We get to understand the politics, the personalities and the psychology because these can sometimes be the most significant ‘economic’ drivers. Knowing we have done everything we can translates into the conviction with which we can present our compelling economics analysis.