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Helping lawyers and their clients respond to public authorities from an economic perspective.

Since the introduction of the Competition Act 1998 and Enterprise Act 2002, economists have been integral to market investigations. Industrial and competition economics are at the centre of many Competition and Markets Authority inquiries.

Oxera is a leading authority on corporate finance issues with extensive experience in all areas of market investigations. We provide strategic advice through the course of the inquiry, building key working relationships with lawyers, clients and authorities.

We have assisted in competition investigations and merger proceedings for leading large corporations.

Matthew Johnson

‘It’s as much about winning hearts and minds of staff and decision-makers in the public authority as winning specific arguments.’

In this Q&A, Oxera economic experts discuss the success stories and key issues our clients face in market investigations

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The skills we apply to market investigations.

Market investigations look into mergers and anti-competitive practices to make sure competition and markets work well for consumers. Oxera applies the following areas of learning to each inquiry in which it supports a client: technical economic and quantitative skills, experience of previous market investigations, and communication skills.

Technical economic and quantitative skills
We provide compelling inputs and an effective challenge to the public authority and any other parties involved in the investigation.

Experience of previous market investigations
Due to our knowledge of the authority’s processes, staff and wider priorities, we can suggest to clients and lawyers the type of analysis with the greatest impact.

Communication skills
Our ability to engage client staff at all levels, from CEOs to database managers, makes us an effective adviser. We can explain the market investigation process and overall driving philosophy to make sure the client focuses on the relevant issues and understands the broader picture.