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Helping organisations understand the effect of law or policy changes by quantifying their impact.

The introduction of new or amended laws or policies can affect firms, consumers and the government. It’s the role of economists to understand and quantify the impact of these changes and their interaction with the wider economy.

Oxera’s economists not only apply the latest thinking and analytical techniques to cases, but also use experience and sector knowledge to provide insight and make judgements. Our understanding of economic links and quantitative tools allows us to assess how regulatory interventions and competition effects might affect markets and consumer welfare.

David Jevons

‘Clients need us to assess the economic effects of a policy or legislative change.’

In this Q&A, Oxera economic experts discuss the success stories and key issues our clients face in impact assessments

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The skills we apply to impact assessment

Oxera brings together robust and insightful analysis with experience and sector knowledge to assess different cases. We have an excellent track record, based on a clear framework and proven theory.

Our experts have a deep understanding of the behavioural aspects of both consumers and firms. They are able to convey the implications of changes in a clear and compelling way.

Impact Assesments Skills

Robust and insightful

Oxera employs qualitative and quantitative economic research tools to assess the impact of changes. Our economists specialise in advanced quantitative techniques, including econometrics and simulation modelling. We quantify the impact on both firms and consumers, or work with clients in an advisory role.

Clear and compelling

The output of our research can take several forms, including a formal report, a graphic or set of slides with relevant statistics, and findings in graph and bullet-point form. Whatever our findings, we communicate them in language our client understands.

Track record and sector knowledge

We’ve conducted impact assessments to establish economic benefits, contributions to the wider economy and the incremental value of clients’ activities. Our clients include Google, AstraZeneca, the Airport Operators Association, Ordnance Survey, the Rail Delivery Group, and Gatwick Airport.