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Giving clients a fresh perspective on strategy with economics expertise and advice from a variety of sectors and skills.

Strategy is integral for any business. Whether you’re looking for ways to boost profits or redefine your pricing, economic thinking can help you make the right decisions along the way.

Oxera builds close relationships with clients to offer new ways of thinking about strategy through the lens of economics. We develop innovative and actionable solutions and communicate them simply.

Our expertise and experience allow us to help you beyond the capabilities of traditional strategy consultancies.

Common questions we answer for our clients…

Peter Hope, Partner

‘We develop innovative, actionable and compelling solutions, by deploying diverse project teams with a mix of skills and cross-industry experience.’

In this Q&A, a panel of Oxera specialists discuss success stories and key strategic issues that companies seek our advice on.

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Our practice areas within strategy

Oxera’s strategic advice offer is based around five core areas. These include pricing and revenue management, route to market design, as well as entry, growth, acquisition and exit advice. We also have experts in valuation, investment appraisal and risk modelling. Plus we help clients with operational improvements.

We work with our clients to find solutions that are practical and actionable, and accompanied by tangible messages and recommendations.

Pricing and revenue management

Using detailed financial and modelling analysis, we help clients develop an optimal pricing strategy that takes into account market dynamics and competitors’ responses, all in the context of knowing own strengths and weaknesses.

Route to market design

By diving deep into the costs and revenues of different channels and getting a good understanding of the interdependencies of various contractual terms, we help clients see if they are serving their customers in the best possible way.

Entry, growth, acquisition and exit

We combine latest techniques in market analysis, demand forecasting and corporate finance to advise clients whether to enter a market and, if they do, how best to do so. Similarly with exit.

Valuation, investment appraisal and risk modelling

Our clients often ask us to help them estimate the value of an asset or company, or choose an investment option. By laying out the key decision factors and risks, we guide clients towards the right answer.

Operational improvements

Our benchmarking techniques and deep sectoral knowledge help clients save costs through better manufacturing, procurement and logistics.

The Oxera Difference

Focus on specific client issues and questions

Diligent, data-driven approach

Rigorous analytical framework

Better business decisions
Actionable & practical
Clear presentation