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Helping clients achieve their ideal outcomes in antitrust cases.

Antitrust issues may involve a potentially anticompetitive agreement between a group of competitors or between a supplier and its customer(s), and/or concerns about the behaviour of a large company. Whether it’s an investigation into such behaviour launched by a regulator or competition authority, or a lawsuit brought by another company, such issues can have far-reaching consequences for businesses involved and the market.

Oxera works closely with clients facing or making such allegations, and their legal advisers, providing economic inputs to assess the client’s case. We combine our economic expertise with sector insight to prepare expert reports and compelling testimony to courts and competition authorities. Where appropriate, we also help design remedies to suit the needs of our clients while satisfying the authorities.

Avantika Chowdhury

‘We help our clients put forward robust, evidence-based arguments in front of competition authorities.’

In this Q&A, a panel of Oxera economic experts discuss the success stories and key issues our clients face in such cases

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The skills we apply in antitrust cases 
Oxera provides technical economic and quantitative skills to each case.

We apply our economic expertise and sector-specific knowledge in antitrust cases across industries. Some cases also require regulatory and financial analysis skills.

Excellent communication is also integral to our success in cases. Our vast experience of interacting with authority staff and courts ensures we always offer compelling advice.

    Economic advice

    Oxera’s Competition team provides comprehensive economic advice to clients across jurisdictions in all competition law matters, including investigations of agreements and abuse of dominance. We have a reputation for credibility and integrity among competition authorities and courts.

    Testifying experience

    We have extensive experience in testifying in front of courts across jurisdictions including Australia, Europe, New Zealand, South Africa and the USA, and our reputation for integrity helps us to deliver success for our clients.


    Our extensive training programmes include a two-day residential course on the economics of competition law, and bespoke seminars and workshops on specific issues that affect our clients. We’ve run these for the UK Financial Conduct Authority, Royal Mail, the NMa (the Netherlands competition authority), BT, Telefónica and bpost, as well as providing training to competition law judges from across EU member states.